Letter from the Editors: Mental Health

Letter from the Editors: Mental Health

Putting together an issue about mental health has been rewarding and challenging; managing our own mental status and working to share a body of content that will be meaningful to our readers.

Why You Should Go To Sex Therapy

by Beth Cortez-Neavel


The notion that sex therapists focus only on concerns surrounding physical sexual problems is a faulty one.


I Am Done Being Cruel To My Body

by Kelly Siegel-Stechler


You need to learn to see my fatness not as a referendum on my worthiness to exist, but simply as something as neutral as the color of my sweater.


Choosing Authenticity

by Dubbs Weinblatt

I thought the reasons for my unhappiness all had to do with me being gay; I had no idea there were gender demons lurking about.


My Therapist Called Me By The Wrong Name

Our weekly advice column, Ask Ada


We Need To Talk About Money And Mental Health

by Carla Cook

Let’s sap some power from money by talking about it more openly, being honest about when we struggle with it, and when we feel successful.



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Letter From The Editors


The Mental Health Playlist

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