Ask Ada: Adulting and Friend Break-ups

Dear Ada, Why is #adulting so goddamn hard? -   Babyman Dear Babyman, I’m sorry for taking so long to reply to you. The truth is, I started responding to your question a few weeks ago with some ridiculous libertine ramblings about Burning Man and turkey-baster babies,...

On Consent: A Love Letter to My Sons

This study is yours to do. You do not do it through the watching of porn. You do this through anatomy books, reading erotica, talking openly and candidly with friends and adults you trust about what you like, what you don’t like—and you listen.

Living with Trixie

I have never really wanted to fully stop, and I think that’s the problem. There’s too much benefit in the anxiety-building- then-quelling ritual of it. Do I want healthy hair? As a woman, I’m supposed to, right?

Good Sex is as Important as Consent

By centering the conversation on your pleasure in its various lusty forms, we dismantle further the idea that women are puzzles to be worked, games to be played, or objects to be won. Eventually the line between sex and rape will become so bright it will be clear they were never connected in the first place.

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