And we hope you do too. One of the reasons we chose Community as our first theme was because it has become so dramatically important in the past 3 years. Knowing what your neighbors care about, what issues your city wrestles with, who your elected officials are funded by and how that affects their vote—they’re just a few of the local concerns that we all ignored for too long until it bit us squarely in the ass.

As anyone who’s ever gone on a diet or started exercising knows, accountability makes a huge difference in keeping you on track. So to that end, we’re going to help each other commit to making change in our communities, one issue at a time.

Take a few minutes to think about how you want to work to better your community in 2019. Here in Austin, for instance, we have a huge diversity and equability problem, so I may choose that as my issue. Maybe your town has a key election coming up next year (besides *that* one of course). Or the homeless problem is spiraling out of control. Too much development is encroaching on natural beauty. The choices are almost endless.

Once you’ve picked your issue, take 5 seconds to tell us what it is. Solicit friends and family to do it too—no Graceless membership required. We’ll compile and consolidate and then follow up with next steps soon.

Join us in making our communities just a little bit better in 2019. Maybe even a lot.

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