Over the last few years, the majority of my friends have been increasingly open about their mental health status (probably since November ’16, for some odd reason). When we get into a mindset and need to talk, we put out a message on the group chat or text a friend. We Venmo each other cash for emergency therapy visits, and set alarms to check on someone who mentioned they were feeling down earlier that day. Care package coordination and researching local resources for friends across the country is a pretty common activity for us.

This is something millennials seem to do well–we know that if your mental health is not in check, it affects every other aspect of your life.

A few months ago, Carla and I had a conversation about how cathartic it is to take off the brave face so many of us wear each day and just let it out, and so the second theme of Graceless was obvious. Putting together an issue about mental health has been rewarding and challenging; managing our own mental status and working to share a body of content that will be meaningful to our readers. Whether it’s a realization, encouragement, camaraderie–I hope each of you finds something to take with you in this issue.


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