It’s our first Graceless Reads! Which means that how this looks in 3 months will probably be entirely different. Hell, it’ll likely be different tomorrow. All that matters is the clicky bits. Here’s what I’ve been checking out.

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Queen Julia
Did you laugh-cry during Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Emmy speech? I totally did. And no, Twitterverse, her father is not Richard Dreyfus. He was however, rich as snot. Who knew?

Also, FiveThirtyEight graphed out something we could have told you years ago.

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Hillary Clinton braves ‘Between Two Ferns’


I’ll Be Right Here with an Extra-Large Popcorn
“Where you see a woman who is not in an independent pursuit of her own life goals, you’ll likely find an anxious child, an over-perfected home, a marriage out of balance and a school administrator who wishes this woman would get a job.”
~Author Samantha Ettus, who thinks all women should work in a career


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Today in Creepy Clowns
Meet Wrinkles: the Internet-famous scary clown who claims to have a roster of celebrity clients, and a steady business traumatizing badly behaved kids for money.


Today in Inane Media

The answer you’re looking for, CNN, is yes. (h/t Aaron Sankin)


Moment of Zen
Every exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art since 1929, now online.

Pablo Picasso. Girl before a Mirror. March 1932

Pablo Picasso. Girl before a Mirror. March 1932





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