Been an interesting few days, huh? Perhaps you’d all like to join me at one of these 10 Bars at the End of the World.

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The Rights of ‘Thugs’
A reminder I didn’t realize we needed, until I read this.
“People with drugs found in their cars have rights. People who say “Fuck the police” have rights. Thugs, people with mugshots, and ex-felons have rights.”

Evolution Continues Apace

Time Waster
Have you seen Radioooo? It’s a site crowdsourcing music from around the world for every decade from 1900 on. There’s an impressive level of songs, from Brazil to Egypt to Morocco. TIL: Russia had some surprisingly groovy music in the 1960s.


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Today in Beyond Rational Thought
Pregnancy complications in El Salvador? Prepare for prison. This is a rough read that will stay with you for a while.


Turning Tide for Hillary
An interesting result is emerging from Monday night’s debate: a surprising wave of Hillary sympathy and support (including from yours truly). Check out the takes from always-nails-it Gin and Tacos and a former Bernie bro.


Chris Rock’s Favorite Standup Specials

Because we all need a laugh these days.


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Compiled while listening to the above-mentioned Radioooo and the album Plaza by Quilt.

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