Building a Nicer Machine

The luxury of sitting with one’s thoughts, examining them minutely as if they were a diamond in your hand, is an undeniable privilege. Just as there are no atheists in foxholes, the number of people in Syria fretting over the tax deadline is likely a single digit. I’m here today to say, however, that I would like my thoughts to please take a seat and shut the fuck up. I am very grateful I am not being gassed by my own government (yet). I am glad the universe didn’t choose North Korea as my place of birth. I’m lucky...

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The Forgotten in the Fight for Reproductive Justice

With the sociopolitical dumpster fire we’ve been living in lately, more and more folks who can get pregnant are taking to the streets to protest and demand that the basic right of reproductive justice be respected. This proclamation of the fact that consent can be revoked at any time – including during pregnancy – warms my cynical little heart. As someone who had the right to decide if and when I get pregnant taken from me before I was even born, these sorts of demonstrations bring me hope that at some point our bodies will finally be our own....

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Bully Rule

As much as it infuriates me, I have come to accept the fact that I shall be ruled by bullies yet again.

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