Honoring the Autonomy of Others

Parents with older children tell me that this is the path of parenthood—to steadily transfer more autonomy and responsibility to the child as their will and autonomy dictates.  But knowing what and when to hand over is not always clear.  

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11 Consulting Mistakes That Make You Hate Your Job

I have been running StrategicLee, a PR agency, for over 15 years now. And like any other career, being a consultant has its ups and downs. However, 2017 has been particularly tough and not in the usual way. I have amazing clients with great products and have been busy. But I am really burnt out. I have had several weekends where I have fallen into a recovery lethargy that won’t let me leave the couch. My partner has been worried about my stress level and frankly so have I. It has caused me to need a break – a...

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Sins of the Past

Back in December, Sir Michael Moritz from the famed Silicon Valley VC firm Sequoia Capital made some waves when he bemoaned the lack of women in technology. “Oh, we look very hard. In fact we just hired a young woman from Stanford who’s every bit as good as her peers, and if there are more like her, we’ll hire them. What we’re not prepared to do is lower our standards.” The piece caught my attention because I am a male CEO who runs a technology company with a history of “women issues.” This history must also be acknowledged as...

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The Bravery Paradox

A little while ago I applied for what I thought would be the perfect job for me. It was a job in the game industry, and hence everything that I had always dreamed about. Plus, it was in Boston, where I lived, meaning that I could stop working from home in the remote position I’d been in for the past year and a half. I went through a fairly arduous interview process—all told probably something like 15 hours of projects and interviews—and was ultimately offered a job. In New York. Not Boston, as I’d expected. Apparently, during the last...

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State of Graceless

We’re almost three months into our Graceless adventure and the honeymoon’s over. What, you thought I was going to sugarcoat something? You’ve clearly not been reading the site. When we ask women to write for us, we demand from them raw, undiluted truth. So it’d be pretty crappy not to reciprocate. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, Allyson and I were in no way prepared for the reaction we got to Graceless. We thought we’d have some fun writing with our friends and call it a day. But it turns out that when you give women a...

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