When Your Will to Live Resembles a Video Game Character

Most days, particularly during the winter months, there’s a point where I hit a sort of metaphorical brick wall in my will power. It’s as though I’ve used up the amount I have for the day and have to find some way to replenish it, be it through food, sleep, or practicing self-care in another form such as something to keep your mind busy like crafting or by taking care of your hygiene via a shower. That’s when it hit me: my energy level – including my will to even continue living, if I’m being fully honest – is finite and must be...

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Ask Ada: Adulting and Friend Break-ups

Dear Ada, Why is #adulting so goddamn hard? –   Babyman Dear Babyman, I’m sorry for taking so long to reply to you. The truth is, I started responding to your question a few weeks ago with some ridiculous libertine ramblings about Burning Man and turkey-baster babies, but then we were rocked, yet again (YET A-FUCKING-GAIN),  by another devastating school shooting, and truthfully, I felt like everything I had written before became just a bunch of vapid useless drivel. So, let’s give this another shot. Why is #adulting so goddamn hard? Welp, maybe it’s because our generation (assuming you’re a...

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Good Sex is as Important as Consent

By centering the conversation on your pleasure in its various lusty forms, we dismantle further the idea that women are puzzles to be worked, games to be played, or objects to be won. Eventually the line between sex and rape will become so bright it will be clear they were never connected in the first place.

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Ask Ada: Ready, Set, BAKE!

Dear Ada, I am an artist and I love creating my art, but even though I love it, I still find a million zillion ways to procrastinate. Why do I waste time binge watching The Great British Baking Show instead of doing the thing I love? Why is it so hard to find the motivation to get off my butt and make some art?

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