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We are used to accepting crumbs, aren’t we?  Not only do we accept them when it comes to self-care and relationships, we accept them at work, in school, in politics, and in culture at large. We negotiate our own selves on the regular just to get a crumb of what we want because that is how life works for women.

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My Battery Is at One Percent

Every December, I tell myself that this will be the year I keep my cool. That this Christmas will be filled with warmth and coziness and gratitude. And every December 26th, I find myself muttering, “Thank GOD that’s over.”

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No Country for “Good Guys”

The all-or-nothing worldview implied by the “good guy” label plays a number on the rest of us in society. It sends us the message that we can overlook allegations of sexual violence if the perceived sum total of the accused is deemed “good.”

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