The Forgotten in the Fight for Reproductive Justice

With the sociopolitical dumpster fire we’ve been living in lately, more and more folks who can get pregnant are taking to the streets to protest and demand that the basic right of reproductive justice be respected. This proclamation of the fact that consent can be revoked at any time – including during pregnancy – warms my cynical little heart. As someone who had the right to decide if and when I get pregnant taken from me before I was even born, these sorts of demonstrations bring me hope that at some point our bodies will finally be our own....

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On Consent: A Love Letter to My Sons

This study is yours to do. You do not do it through the watching of porn. You do this through anatomy books, reading erotica, talking openly and candidly with friends and adults you trust about what you like, what you don’t like—and you listen.

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My Battery Is at One Percent

Every December, I tell myself that this will be the year I keep my cool. That this Christmas will be filled with warmth and coziness and gratitude. And every December 26th, I find myself muttering, “Thank GOD that’s over.”

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