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Advertising at its very core is aspirational. It wants you to be better, do better, buy better. Problem is, Graceless is all about the antiaspirational. You can see our conundrum. How can we turn Graceless Media into a global force without selling you out in the process? We’re not entirely sure, to be honest. But we’re going to start with subscriptions.

Through the end of the year, all three levels get our limited-edition Graceless t-shirt designed by a local Austin artist. And $20/month subscribers will also get The Best of Graceless Writing: 2015-2017, a selection of the most original, thought-provoking writing we’ve had to date, in magazine form.

If you’re tired of the Supposed To and Should Have – for women, men, and everyone beyond the binary – consider supporting Graceless with a monthly or yearly subscription. Or maybe you’re of the literary bent and love discovering new writers and content. Your subscription can help us find and pay for them. Or perhaps you just want to support some kick-ass ladies trying to change the world. That works too.

Fine Print: All payments are by credit card through Memberful with Stripe as a payment processor. Members of all levels will be subscribed to a subscriber-only mailing list that we haven’t put much thought into yet. (It won’t be egregious though, we promise.) You’ll also receive some email from Memberful regarding your payment — invoices, renewal notices, etc. Your email address and personal information will never be given to anyone for any purpose (other than for scheduled payments and the aforementioned mailings). Membership benefits are available only through Memberful (and not Paypal, etc). Thank you for your support!