Author: Brandie Sellers


We are used to accepting crumbs, aren’t we?  Not only do we accept them when it comes to self-care and relationships, we accept them at work, in school, in politics, and in culture at large. We negotiate our own selves on the regular just to get a crumb of what we want because that is how life works for women.

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Voting with My Vagina

2016 is barely in it’s toddlerhood, and I already hate the election. I live in the most conservative county in the nation, and I am not very conservative.  Or at all conservative really.  My dad, on the other hand, holds the opposite views from me. During the last Presidential election, my dad and I unfortunately got into a conversation about who I was voting for.  I said I would absolutely not vote for a candidate that was not pro-choice. He believes that women should never have abortions, even if they become pregnant from rape or incest. He said to...

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The Sex Shop Down the Street

In a strip mall down the street from me, a Condom Sense store is opening soon. I live in a thriving suburb of Dallas that is populated mostly by families. There is a large church and master-planned community behind this particular strip mall. You can likely see where this is headed. From the outrage people are expressing over this store opening, you would think they’d announced naked ladies pole-dancing on the median. Here’s the icing on the cake though: last year, a gun store opened up in the same strip mall. Nobody seemed to think this was worth commenting...

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The Problem With Work “Families”

It’s popular these days to boast of a family-like atmosphere in a workplace. I admit that this appealed to me at first. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t actually want a job with a ‘family’ focus.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family.  But families always have that pervy relative who looks at your boobs too long, and a few misogynists and racists thrown in for good measure.  And don’t forget the obligatory family holiday discord over political parties, abortion, religion, and more.  Merry Christmas! We can’t and shouldn’t bring all that to work.  At...

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