Who We Are

Graceless is reviving and redefining the magazine. Vibrant, multi-media online content in six issues each year is augmented by offline events and interactions to create engaged communities. Each digital issue centers on one theme and is filled with features, essays, artwork, poems, and images from a diverse pool of creatives. That theme then manifests in launch events for each issue, live chats with writers and experts, volunteer opportunities with nonprofits, group activism, and much more.

The new Graceless is:


We can’t move forward without solid ground beneath us. We must create spaces that support, strengthen, and inspire us. We hold each other up when we can and ask to be held up when we can’t do it ourselves.


We value and celebrate the singular parts of ourselves that never change, while also shedding preconceptions and learning new things. We listen to – and for – new perspectives that are unfamiliar to us. We accept the messy, graceless parts of us and others, while continually evolving and learning.


We face the challenges of living in today’s world with humor and resolve. We’re ready to create a world that better serves the majority of us. We’re a community that teaches and learns from itself, a place for honest discussion, new ideas, and action.

Carla Cook

CEO & Co-Founder

Carla has covered the bases in twenty years of working in the startup industry, from business strategy, marketing, and PR to speaking, event management, and company advisory. In addition to consulting work, her previous gig was as Director of Communications and Business Development for The Daily Dot, an online media site with over 20M monthly uniques. She created the communications department from scratch, in addition to managing events, syndication, and sales enablement programs.

Allyson Michele Holley

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Born in Oklahoma but indoctrinated in Texas, Allyson’s career hat has 50 corners. She’s a sound artist with a degree in audio engineering and music production, multi-instrumentalist, marketer, brander, and social media strategist. Before earning her degree, she worked as Web Editor at KUT Public Media writing and editing stories for Texas Standard, and was Community Manager at The Daily Dot, managing all social media presences and creating sales and marketing content. She currently edits The Insight and Homesteady podcasts.